Press Release

Lagos State Governorship Election Polls

22 March 2011

Press Conference on Tuesday, 22 March 2011 –  Presenting the Executive Summary of ANAP Foundation - Lagos State Governorship Poll


ANAP Foundation (ANAP) is a non-profit organisation committed to promoting good governance in Nigeria.

Ahead of the gubernatorial elections scheduled to hold on April 16, 2011, ANAP Foundation decided to commission NOI Polls Limited to conduct a face- to-face Lagos State governorship poll to ascertain public sentiment on the candidacy of aspirants for the office of Governor. NOI Polls administered the survey utilizing well established survey methodologies, including scientifically tested sampling techniques, developed by the Gallup Organization.

The opinion poll was carried out from February 7th – February 22nd 2011 with a representative random sample of Lagos State residents drawn from its Local Government Areas (LGA’s) and reflecting rural urban split in population. The overriding objective of the poll exercise is to empirically establish which of the Lagos State governorship candidates stands the greatest chance of receiving the people’s mandate to ascend to the state’s highest office. The rationale for rthe poll in the run up to the election is to provide the people of Lagos State with the opportunity to express their views on salient political issues and candidates, as well as to generate data which gives an indication of the voting intentions of Lagos State Citizens prior to the elections.

Data generated from the Lagos State Governorship Poll, revealed the following:-

Majority of Lagos State residents have given some thought to the April elections.

Nearly 9 in 10 of the respondents have voted in at least one previous election.

Majority of residents of Lagos State registered or planned to register to vote in the upcoming elections.

An extension of the period for the voter registration exercise would further enable registration of eligible voters.

41% of the Lagos State electorate were aware that Ade Dosunmu is running for governorship of the state.

98% of the respondents were aware that Babatunde Fashola is running for governorship of Lagos State.

For all other candidates, less than 10% of Lagos State residents knew that they were running for governor.

Just under two-thirds (65%) of eligible voters in Lagos State indicated intentions to vote for Babatunde Fashola in the April elections.

Majority (89%) of Lagos State voters feel very strongly about their choice for the governorship position.

Most (64%) of the respondents think that Babatunde Fashola will win the April governorship election.

Lagos State residents generally approve of Babatunde Fashola’s performance as governor (86%).

The questionnaire for the Lagos State Governorship poll was designed in English and translated into the major Nigerian languages- Hausa, Ibo, Yoruba and Pidgin English. In addition, interviewers were locally recruited to ensure coverage of all state geographical and demographic groups.